FranklyMe wanted new users and engaging content for their freshly created app.


We optimized the FranklyMe application for mobile app stores. This pushed the app to the top of the app charts and brought about thousands of organic downloads.The app allowed users to ask question to get responses in the form of video selfies. We came up with interesting and fun-filled questions for them that further made their app service more appealing. As a part of social media marketing efforts for the mobile app, we designed twitter campaigns to increase the app’s reach.


  • – We achieved 50,000 downloads for the app in the short time that we worked with them.
  • – FranklyMe app hosted a Q&A session for celebrities like Arvind Kejriwal .

Tools used:

Mixpanel, Google Analytics, Google Keyword Planner

ClientFranklyMeServicesApp Store Optimization, Seed Content Creation, Social Media MarketingYear